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Anything can go viral: The Quint’s social media head

The advent of social media was quickly identified by legacy publications as another avenue to expand the reach of their content. The likes of Hindustan Times and NDTV already had a following from print and broadcast which smoothly transitioned to social media platforms; bestowing upon them followers in the millions. However, the internet also saw […]

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Why trusting handles based on number of followers is a bad idea

In its initial days, social media was considered mostly to be a way to communicate with others. Friends and family could connect even from different continents without the need for expensive calls or the wait which followed sending and receiving letters. But soon publications, companies and eminent personalities, among others, began looking at the possibility […]

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The increasing role of social media for film promotion

A few decades ago, promoting films was a totally different ball game. Post-Independence promotion mainly involved creating hand-printed banners posters. This slowly evolved to include radio commercials. Eventually, the emergence of television allowed advertising films through short clippings. Another way films relied on was the ‘word of mouth’; that people would engage in discussions around […]

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Instagram data leak reported in Mumbai, Facebook responds

TechCrunch recently reported that a massive Instagram data leak had compromised the data of millions of brand accounts, influencers and celebrities. The leaked data was traced back to a Mumbai-based social media marketing firm known as Chtrbox. Chtrbox operates by paying influencers to promote content from brands on the social media platform. Their high-profile client […]