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Twitter’s new campaign honours online movements

Twitter has launched its first marketing campaign in India with a video titled #WeTweet which was conceptualised by Leo Burnett India.

It aims to emphasise Twitter’s effect on society and its ability to spark meaningful conversations and make the masses aware of severe issues.

The video takes a unique approach and starts with a fictional narrative revolving on the hashtag ‘NoShowerDay’ going viral in the country.

The humorous bit ends with a homage to some of the memorable hashtags which addressed serious issues; #KeralaFloods, #MeTooIndia, #377Verdict, #ThankYouSachin to name a few.

The slogan for the campaign reads: “No Tweet is too small when we tweet together.”

The campaign will follow a 360-degree approach, involving the digital medium, online and TV films, out-of-home advertising and on-ground interactive screens.

It will go on for a duration of six-eight weeks with a primary focus on Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

“Through #WeTweet, we want to emphasise on how young people across the country can use Twitter to have their collective voice make a transformative impact on Indian society,” said Twitter India Managing Director Manish Maheshwari in a statement.

Twitter has been a massive driving force behind numerous online movements over the past few years. 

#KeralaFloods allowed citizen and organisations to connect and raise awareness regarding the tragic circumstances in the state. Authorities even used the hashtag to announce their efforts post the disaster.

When the Supreme Court made the historic decision of making gay sex legal in India, citizens flooded Twitter with #Section377 to celebrate the amendment of the section.

Back in 2013, the ‘Master Blaster’ Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement from cricket. Fans bid adieu to its hero Sachin with #ThankYouSachin.

#MeTooIndia arguably had the most impact. One year after Harvey Weinstein being exposed for sexual harassment through the #MeToo movement, it found its way to India.

It first began when former actress Tanushree Dutta accused fellow actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. Other actors were accused before the movement spread to other sections of entertainment.

Despite this, no drastic actions were taken against any of the actors. Othe sections faced the true brunt of the movement.

In fact, it was the comedy circuit which was hit the hardest, with a prominent comedy agency ‘AIB’ forced to suspend all its activities when two of its founders were embroiled in sexual harassment controversy.

The two, Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba, eventually had to leave the company with the future of AIB, which was one of India’s biggest names in comedy at the time, left in doubt.

(Featured image source: Mizter_x94 from Pixabay)

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