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Mumbai Police posting memes on Twitter to spread safety awareness

Mumbai Police has built a reputation for posting memes on its Twitter account which also spread safety awareness.

This time around, it shared a meme with Aladdin’s genie to encourage the citizens to dial their helpline ‘100’ in case of emergency.

The meme comes from Disney’s new Aladdin live-action film starring Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and Will Smith as the genie. 

It’s a reference to the song ‘friend like me’, which is sung by the genie when he first meets Aladdin after emerging from the lamp.

This isn’t the first time that Mumbai Police has analysed social media trends to create memes.

Last month, they used the popular pie chart meme to put forward the need to always wear seatbelts.

They have even made memes out of the film ‘Taken’ and the series ‘Game of Thrones’

The police branch is adept at using other social media platforms to its advantage as well. In an attempt to find the family of a lost child, it spread messages on WhatsApp.

Mumbai Police has gained massive popularity over the years for their unconventional method of engaging with followers.

The Twitter account started out with 31,400 followers in 2015, but has now reached an incredible 4.73 million followers.

They have consistently been lauded by the followers for their attempts to connect with the youth of the country without compromising on their duty.

The engagement has gradually led to a level of trust. Since their Twitter handle has raised the police’s popularity, people have also turned to them in case of any issues by alerting the police through tagging on Twitter.

Giving a humorous spin to interact with the citizens without hurting any sentiments has been a major factor of the Twitter handle’s popularity, according to Sunchika Pandey, a former crime reporter who has now been tasked with handling the social media for Mumbai Police.

She told Indian Express: “Regular weekly meetings are held in the office of the Commissioner of Mumbai Police, where the team brainstorms on the next theme or the next campaign that engages people.

“Members of our team are always alert to any kind of conversation that is gaining traction on social media and what is capturing people’s attention. It is then converted to some content to create awareness.”

She added that young constables are asked to alert the team of any issues which people need to be aware of. This is followed by around 15-18 constables constantly working in three shifts to monitor the responses to tweets.

(Featured image of Mumbai Police HQ source: Wikimedia Commons)

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